Business and Executive Coach

Expect to become extraordinary

The decision to take a Coach is not only about making a change – it’s about a transformation!

Together we ask the right and relevant questions, that I guarantee you have never asked yourself, your employees and - if its relevant - your superiors in your workplace.

As a coach, I am helping you open up and introduce you to your BRAND-NEW MIRROR. I will share with you new resources that you have never seen before, either because you have not had the time, the right knowledge or access.

It’s a dynamic and interactive work through self-reflection, learning new methodologies, identifying all viable options and eventually - new horizons.

David is working closely with executives in private and public-traded companies, as well as entrepreneurs in various industries. In his coaching sessions, David supports his clients in various areas including:

  • Your purpose

  • Internal Corporate strategies, structure, ventures and communications

  • Driving Innovation

  • Customer Service

  • Sales training and coaching

  • Employees engagement

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

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After 25 years of solid life as an army soldier, officer, lawyer, and top executive in multi-Billion Dollar companies David was fascinated to investigate what is behind People’s success stories.

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