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If you ask yourself what is the next thing I need to learn to take myself, my performance, my career or my business to the next level – you are asking the same questions many others do as well. This is why this should be the topic for your NEXT EVENT. Give a life-long gift to all your attendees.


Give your audience a memorable set of tools that will not only inspire them, but more importantly, equip them with the most actionable, motivating and exciting methods: Make influence and persuasion their next habit. We say what we think, this is why we need to learn how to think and how to communicate.


Imagine booking your NEXT EVENT, inviting your audience of employees or invitees – professionals from any industry, learning together what is behind the Art of Performance. Let’s exceed their expectations and make this your new standard.

David’s sessions are:

· Simple to follow
· Ready to implement
· Empowering people, families, corporate executives and business owners all over the world
· Immediately creating the change
· Available in English, French, Spanish, and Hebrew

In these sessions David will guide the audience on how to learn the language of success:


  1. Context is decisive (general public)

  2. Make them say YES (sales workshops)

  3. Don’t sell yourself – show yourself (sales audience)

  4. Leadership outside the box (Executives)

  5. Everyone wants to be in Heaven but no one wants to die (inspiring motivational)

  6. Lead them and stop managing them (General public, Executives)

  7. Relationships, Results, And Rewards (Internal business groups)

Business and Executive Coach

Expect to become extraordinary

The decision to take a Coach is not only about making a change – it’s about creating a transformation!

Together we ask the right and relevant questions, that I guarantee you have never asked yourself, your employees and - if its relevant - your superiors in your workplace.

As a coach, I am helping you open up and introduce you to your BRAND-NEW MIRROR. I will share with you new resources that you have never used before, either because you have not had the time, the right knowledge or access.

It’s a dynamic and interactive work through self-reflection, learning new methodologies, identifying all viable options and eventually - new horizons.

David is working closely with executives in private and public-traded companies, as well as entrepreneurs in various industries. In his coaching sessions, David supports his clients in various areas including:

  • Internal Corporate strategies, structure, ventures and communications

  • Driving Innovation

  • Customer Service

  • Sales training and coaching

  • Employees engagement

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

The TOP coaching topics

  1. Establish a vision and Fine-tuning your business statement

  2. Creating and Modifying a business model/pla

  3. Expanding brand Awareness

  4. How to lead and not to manage

  5. Building effective teams

  6. Mentoring, developing internal talent, succession

  7. Drive Innovation

  8. Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, and empathy

  9. Inspire Above & Influence Below

  10. Delegation, empowerment

  11. Communication skills

  12. Motivation and engagement, leading with vision, and purpose

  13. Critical and strategic thinking

  14. Career transitioning

  15. Team building

  16. Creating a powerful team

  17. Relationships, Results, And Rewards

Trust me. Be ready for a lifetime adventure and let’s go to work.