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If you ask yourself what is the next thing I need to learn to take myself, my performance or my business to the next level – you are asking the same questions many others do as well. This is why this should be the topic for your NEXT EVENT. Give a life-long gift to all your attendees.


Give your audience a memorable set of tools that will not only inspire them, but more importantly, equip them with the most actionable, motivating and exciting methods: Make influence and persuasion their next habit. We say what we think, this is why we need to learn how to think and how to communicate.


Imagine booking your NEXT EVENT, inviting your audience of employees or invitees – professionals from any industry, learning together what is behind the Art of Performance. Let’s exceed their expectations and make this your new standard.

David’s sessions are

· Simple to follow
· Ready to implement
· Empowering people, families, corporate executives and business owners all over the world
· Immediately creating the change
· Available in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew

In these sessions David will guide the audience on how to learn the language of success:

Context is decisive (general public)

Make any conversation a transformational one that will leave an impact for long time on any individual you communicate. In this session the audience will learn, through simple structure and examples the art of conversation and how to use it at home, work, negotiations, personations and in any form of communication.

Make them say YES (sales workshops)

What is the simple yet methodologically profound way to make people say to you YES! How to create an Influence using the science and psychology at your side all the way? It’s a technique that once you learn it, you master it!

Don’t sell yourself – show yourself (sales audience)

How is it that for some people sales is a second habit and for some people it’s a challenge they can not overcome for years? Well, once you understand that sales is an art and not science – your path to learn the right strategy is a session away! It starts with…yourself and end with your… customer!

Leadership outside the box (Executives)

If you use last year’s methods of leadership you set yourself at the right level with anyone else, so how you can lead…? This is why the leadership that you look for always waits for you where no one else looked…outside the box! Join the session and learn about the qualities leaders today are required in order to genuinely lead and how to implement each guidelines and skill that no learns in Business school.

Everyone wants to be in Heaven but no one wants to die (inspiring motivational)

Take your life to the next level in each stage of life, age, industry or area of interest. Make your life impactful for you and others by applying few rules you have never thought about before. If you want something more out of life, but aren’t sure what it is . . .If you’ve tried to make changes in the past, without success . . .If have a specific goal, but don’t know how to achieve it . . .do not miss this life-changing event!

Lead them and stop managing them (General public, Executives)

Can you let your control go and start influence? Do you count values or do you create value? If you haven’t understood so far that you can’t manage people (even when you think you do) the first thing you need to change when you are in a position to lead people, is to create the right environment around you and win. The difference between managers and leaders lies in the conceptions they hold, deep in their psyches, of chaos and order. This is the time to build the new leader in you.

Relationships, Results, And Rewards (Internal business groups)

The new work environment is so far from the traditional one. If you don’t see it – you don’t realize your potential and what can happen to you and your organization. This is not the future. It’s here and it is not less dramatic than revolution. Employees experience has vividly shifted but what have you created in order to take advantage of your employees, peers or your future business? The work environment today is being shaped by two powerful forces: The growing implementation of artificial intelligence in the workplace side by side to the – more than ever – looking for the right talent. Where are you in this game?



When you invest in people (your Attendees, Invitees, Employees or Executives) think about the VALUE you will give them and what is YOUR RETURN!

Taking a well-experienced speaker and self-made example of his own practice will assure 100% satisfaction and therefore success. Give your audience the ability to immediately and smoothly implement all the knowledge they acquire!

Tell David about your audience as well as your expectations of him and you will benefit from David’s focus and undivided attention to customize the content and simply deliver.