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If you ask yourself what is the next thing I need to learn to take myself, my performance or my business to the next level – you are asking the same questions many others do as well. This is why this should be the topic for your NEXT EVENT. Give a life-long gift to all your attendees.


Give your audience a memorable set of tools that will not only inspire them, but more importantly, equip them with the most actionable, motivating and exciting methods: Make influence and persuasion their next habit. We say what we think, this is why we need to learn how to think and how to communicate.


Imagine booking your NEXT EVENT, inviting your audience of employees or invitees – professionals from any industry, learning together what is behind the Art of Performance. Let’s exceed their expectations and make this your new standard.

David’s sessions are

· Simple to follow
· Ready to implement
· Empowering people, families, corporate executives and business owners all over the world
· Immediately creating the change
· Available in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew

In these sessions David will guide the audience on how to learn the language of success:

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When you invest in people (your Attendees, Invitees, Employees or Executives) think about the VALUE you will give them and what is YOUR RETURN!

Taking a well-experienced speaker and self-made example of his own practice will assure 100% satisfaction and therefore success. Give your audience the ability to immediately and smoothly implement all the knowledge they acquire!

Tell David about your audience as well as your expectations of him and you will benefit from David’s focus and undivided attention to customize the content and simply deliver.

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After 25 years of solid life as an army soldier, officer, lawyer, and top executive in multi-Billion Dollar companies David was fascinated to investigate what is behind People’s success stories.

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